People & Places with Pierce: Lights of the South

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And yes, Santa may be back at the North Pole now resting up after another successful year, but for one mega light display, the holiday season is still bright.

Mark Jackson, managing partner of Lights of the South, says: “Lights of the South has been around for about 15 years or so, and it quickly became a tradition for many families.”

With dozens and dozens of displays and over 5 million lights, it’s easy to see how this has become a holiday favorite.

“My favorites would be, of course the believe tunnel,” said Jackson.

8 year old Grayson Cain adds: “Castle, Santa’s toy shop, Santa’s house. I like them.”

“You can walk the trails,” said Jackson. “They can also take a tractor ride through the lights, about a two-mile trail of lights. We have s’more pits, fire pits. We have a candy land area for the children. A lot to do at Lights of the South.”

Lots to do and plenty of new memories to make.

“Before I was ever involved this was a tradition for my family and I,” said Jackson. “My kids come here, and they run and play and have for years. Once you see your kids having a good time, of course, you’re able to relax and have fun as well. So that’s what matters the most to my wife and I was watching the kids have a great time at Lights of the South. There’s really no place in the CSRA like it. We have 114 acres here, and it’s just filled with lights, filled with love. It’s the greatest time of the year, Christmas. It’s a good feeling to see families come together.”

Even better, you still have time to come together here through the new year.

Lights of the South is open nightly through January 6, 2019. Click here for more information and to buy advance tickets.

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