People & Places with Pierce: Santa Claus, Georgia Extended Preview

In one Georgia town, it’s Christmas every day of the year.

Sue Grisham, secretary of the City of Santa Claus, says simply: “Santa Claus, Georgia. It’s just a beautiful place to be. City Hall, the gift shop of course, and the community center are always decorated for Christmas because we’re Santa Claus.”

Theresa Carcioppolo, who drove an hour out of her way on a trip from Paulding County, Georgia to Miami to visit the town, adds: “It is so cute! So I’m the cheesy tourist that went around and took pictures of all of the street signs.”

“All the streets are named for Christmas,” explained Grisham.

“I told my husband we’re going to add a lane called Christmas Tree Lane and come move out here,” said Carcioppolo. “I love quaint little towns.”

Hundreds of people visit the town of Santa Claus every year. Many drop off Christmas cards and letters to Santa. While there’s no official post office in the town, drop a letter off in Santa’s mailbox, and a little magic happens.

How Santa Claus, Georgia shares the spirit of Christmas with the world in the next People & Places with Pierce Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.on FOX 54 News Now.

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