People & Places with Pierce: DyeVersaTees by Lynndale

Karen Burke, direct service provider at Lynndale, Inc., a community support provider for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Augusta, GA, says: “We all have a purpose in life and we all have something to give.”

The group is offering up tie-dyed shirts.

Crissy Ensley, program manager at Lynndale, Inc., adds: “DyeVersaTees came about when we discovered that everyone in this building loved tie-dye.”

“We just did an activity where we tie-dyed shirts,” explained Burke. “And it got so large and everybody wanted a shirt, so we just started just dying shirts and it took off from there.”

“My husband and I are self-proclaimed tie-dye artists, and I just had to get my hands involved in this,” added Ensley. “Before we knew it, we have made over a hundred shirts.”

And they’re hoping to make hundreds more.

“We want groups. We want family reunions. We want daycare schools,” said Burke.

“Our hope is to build our business to do big group and team orders,” added Ensley.

“We want a large mass production so that we can provide our whole workshop with job opportunities,” explained Burke.

Opportunities like this mean the world to these fine folks.

Henry Zawacki, a participant who dyes t-shirts, says: “It’s pretty cool. It gives me an opportunity to have a little money in my pocket.”

“Lynndale is a community support provider for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” explained Ensley. “We support people in gaining independence in the community, daily living skills, and work as well.”

“I love working. It’s one of my passions, you know,” said Zawacki.

“We were going out into the community asking for different job opportunities and we just created our own,” explained Burke.

“They love working with Karen,” added Ensley. “They love having something to do, earning a paycheck, learning new things.”

“If you’re looking for a unique gift and a special one and one made with a lot of love give us a try,” said Burke.

“These are great gifts because they’re made by people who really enjoy what they’re doing,” added Ensley.

“We really put a lot of hard work into our shirts,” said Burke. “And I think it’s something that could give a personal touch to a loved one.”

The DyeVersaTees team hopes a little tie-dye is the perfect gift for someone on your list this holiday season.

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