People & Places with Pierce: Deep South Cheese and Grill

David Perry of Dearing says: “Dearing, Georgia is the place to be. If you were here and you lived here, you’d be home right now.”

While Georgia may not be home for Gino Doucet, owner of Deep South Cheese and Grill, he’s introduced a taste of his home to Dearing.

“I’m originally from Canada, spent 25 years in the military, met my wife when she was in the U.S. Navy,” said Doucet. “She found a job down here, and I said hey, I’ll retire down there too. Well, I couldn’t find any cheese curds around so I decided to make my own.”

And just how would the South take to cheese curds?

Imojean Clemes of Thomson answers: “Oh the cheese was delicious. I liked that cheese.”

Jannie Reese of Thomson adds: “Honey, it’s really good. I would recommend this for everybody.”

“So far the reception has been phenomenal. The community really likes it,” remarked Doucet. “Cheese curds are made with fresh pasteurized milk. We make it fresh everyday here and the process takes about 7 to 9 hours. What it does is it traps air bubbles in it, and that’s why when you bite into it, it squeaks. They call it squeaky cheese.”

And while the cheese is the highlight, it’s not the only thing on the menu.

“Excellent hamburgers,” said Perry.

“The burger was delicious. Nice and juicy,” added Clemes.

“My wife’s recipe, the Tammy Burger, has been beating my deep south burger by a mile,” said Doucet.

“They make an amazing gravy for dipping your fries in,” said Perry, referring to an integral part of the French-Canadian poutine dish.

“You’re not going to get [this] anywhere else in the state,” said Doucet. “This is an experience that you do not want to miss. My hobby is actually enjoyed by all the people that are eating here and my staff. It’s vindicating. You can get all kinds of cheese, but not my cheese. You’ve got to come here to get my cheese.”

So go on to Dearing and get your curd on.

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