People & Places with Pierce: Edgefield General Store

Rebekah Robeson, manager of the Edgefield General Store, says: “Whether you’re passing through town or you’re here for the day, we try to present the best of what Edgefield has to offer.”

A throwback to days gone by, Rebekah Robeson hopes the Edgefield General Store can lead the town into the future.

“I think it’s a very special thing,” said Robson. “Again, tying in with the history of Edgefield, we want to celebrate that history and add to it.”

And they’re adding to it, all while giving a nod to the building’s past.

“We’re a gift shop,” continued Robeson. “We have an outdoors section. We have t-shirts. We have hats. We have a children’s section. It’s always been some sort of dry goods store. The building itself was built in 1871. It burned down shortly after that and was rebuilt in 1891. The ceiling, the floors, the brick work, and one of our counters are original to the store. George and Beth Thornton bought it and restored it. We opened March of 2015.”

The store offers a little something for everyone, but by far the most popular item is the ice cream. It’s a nice treat after lunch or dinner out on the square.

“We have 10 different flavors every day,” said Robeson.

Pat Plowden, a regular who comes for ice cream every Thursday: “I like the people. I like the fact that they want to make you happy.”

The store also features an old-time soda fountain.

“It was at the drugstore next door, Lynch’s Drugstore,” explained Robeson. “We’ve actually had several people come in and say that they were soda jerks at that soda fountain. We wanted to give our store a new face lift but definitely keep the historical richness intact. I think it says a lot. This is something we want to preserve and also to invest in.”

History with a bit of modern flair. Just don’t forget to take a piece of Edgefield home with you before you go.

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