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Megan Pruitt, owner & founder of the subscription box service, Night In Boxes, says: “There’s always the couples that are kind of in the trenches with a newborn.”

Brian Pruitt, CEO, co-founder, and president of Night In Boxes adds: “You’re in this mundane routine of not being able to connect with your significant other.”

If this sounds like you, the Pruitt’s have just what you need.

“Night In Boxes was kind of born out of a need for my husband and I,” said Megan Pruitt.

“I was on the road sometimes 20 to 25 days out of the month, and I didn’t really have a lot of time at home,” explained Brian Pruitt. “So, we came up with the idea of kind of doing something in house.”

“Basically, we send a turnkey date experience to our customers’ door,” stated Megan Pruitt.

“We have three boxes, three options: Date Night In, Kids Night In, and Kids Snack Club,” explained Brian Pruitt.

“All you have to do is open the box,” said Megan Pruitt. “Everything is included and it makes you carve out that purposeful time with your significant other.”

And as the idea has taken off, the couple has recruited some helping hands.

Date Night In Boxes are all about reconnecting with that special someone, and there are some very special people who make the boxes possible.

“The Tri-Development Association of Aiken County. They are workers with spinal cord injuries, developmental delays, Asperger’s, autism.” said Megan Pruitt. “They have been such a blessing to this business.”

Warehouse manager Coven Smith says: “It’s fun working with them.”

Warehouse worker Valerie Vaughan adds: “The company, the people, the staff, the workers, I just love it.”

“They’re always going to put a smile on your face,” said Smith.

“Oh it makes me very happy, just to get up and see faces, that’s enjoyable,” said Vaughan. “I’ve got workers to help me see what I can do and what goals I can reach.”

“They’re kitted with love,” said Smith. “They’re sent out with love, and they’re made by people who are just very good workers and have the most purest hearts.”

They’re sent with love to help you reconnect with the love in your life.


For more details on how you can order Night In Boxes, click here. Use code: “onefree” to get your first box free with the purchase of a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

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