People & Places with Pierce: Hundreds in Harrisburg Extended Preview

One group is helping people get growing in Harrisburg.

Emily Martin, garden educator at Augusta Locally Grown, says: “It’s a program to get garden boxes, these garden boxes here, put into the backyards, front yards, side yards, of the houses in Harrisburg. It’s the most economically depressed neighborhood in Augusta. There is no grocery store for them. A lot of them don’t have transportation to get to the grocery store.”

David Hallenbeck, a Harrisburg resident who is part of the program, adds: “It helps us out with the vegetables and stuff that we don’t have to buy at the store which saves us a considerable sum.”

“It’s the whole concept of teach a man to fish: teach a man to garden,” says Martin.

How garden boxes are transforming lives one family at a time on the next People & Places with Pierce Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on FOX 54 News Now.

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