People & Places with Pierce: Find Waldo Local Augusta

A well-known children’s book character turned 31 this year, but you’d never know it based on the buzz in downtown Augusta. The Book Tavern sponsored Find Waldo Local Augusta, a scavenger hunt where people of all ages are encourage to search for Waldo and other objects in 26 different businesses.

11-year-old Kaitlyn Mixon says: “I actually found 13 of them.”

Naiem Harvey of Sweets on Broad adds: “It’s cool.”

“Some of them are extremely hard to find,” added Mixon.

Waldo got his start as Wally across the pond in the U.K. Every summer for the past 5 years, the world traveler has made a pit stop right in downtown Augusta, but he’ll be off on his next adventure soon.

Kenneth Benson, shop manager at the The Book Tavern, says: “Basically it’s 26 businesses participating where we have a little Waldo and he’s hidden somewhere inside their store.”

The Book Tavern is Waldo’s home base, but just up the street at Sweets On Broad, they’ve caught the “Where’s Waldo” fever.

“Oh it’s a great opportunity,” said Harvey. “It’s our second year doing it and it always brings people into our doors.”

“It’s a great way to love our downtown and get to know it a little more,” added Benson.

“It’s very interesting,” said Harvey. “I wish I did have something like that over the summer. I probably would have read more books.”

“I’m very competitive so it’s really fun to play,” said Mixon. “I mostly found them.”

But this time was a miss for Mixon. Lucky for her and her crew, there are prizes to win.

“After you kind of find 10 Waldos,” said Benson. “We have this nifty little kind of button that says I found Waldo. If you at least get to 20, then we do a big finale kind of an ending to our Waldo event where we’re going to be giving out some prizes.”

“If you’re very competitive this is something you want to do,” said Mixon. “And if you like walking and looking at different things businesses have to offer it’s really fun to find Waldo.”

She offered advice on how to spot Waldo first.

“Just push everyone out of the way so you can get to the door faster,” said Mixon.

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