People & Places with Pierce: Apizza di Napoli Extended Preview

For one Aiken County pizzeria, pizza making is serious business.

Trey Garzzillo, son of Apizza di Napoli owners Cliff and Wanda Garzzillo, explains: “We are certified that the pizza that we make is authentic to the Neapolitan ways, authentic to that old-world tradition where you hand make everything. Everything from the flour to the tomatoes, everything we get is imported from Italy.”

Jose Barrios, master pizzaiola, who visited the Aiken restaurant to train the staff, exclaims: “I love to make pizza.”

“Jose is from San Diego and the L.A. region,” explained Garzzillo. “He does a lot of trainings in how to make Neapolitan pizza.”

“I got my certificate, master pizzaiolo in 2005,” added Barrios. “I love this kind of job to make pizza, training people. Everybody, when I finish the training, they are happy.”

Passing down a passion for pizza in the next People & Places with Pierce Wednesday at 10pm on FOX 54 News Now.

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