People & Places with Pierce: Petticoat Junction’s Porch People

At first glance, Petticoat Junction looks like any other crossroads in America. But looks can be deceiving, especially when you drive past one house in town.

Sarah Bradley Brown, the sister of porch people creator Priscilla Langford, says: “We all enjoy looking at them.”

Priscilla Langford, porch people creator, says: “I consider them my porch family friends.”

Each one has a name…

“His name is Ken and this is Matilda,” said Brown.

“This is Loraine that I’m standing by and her husband Ben,” added Langford.

…and a story.

“They’ve been together a long long time,” explained Langford.

“They have a baby there in the arms and her name is Suzy,” added Brown.

“All of my porch people are very happy people and they’ll greet you with a smile,” said Langford.

They’ve been smiling at passers-by for 8 years now.

“One day I was in the store,” explained Langford. “It was Halloween time and they had made a Frankenstein and I looked at it and I said if they can do that I can do it. So I came back home and started on my journey with my porch people.”

Priscilla said it’s not uncommon for people to actually stop along Highway 302 (Silver Bluff Road) and either get a closer second look or even snap a few photos with her porch people. But she was a little surprised when more and more people kept asking her about the return of what would turn out to be a fan favorite.

“I had put the lawn mower man up last year so I took him down,” said Langford. “And they said please put the lawn mower man back. So I put him back up and not only did I do that, I made him a buddy.”

“You see a lot of the little kids they’ll just be waving out the window at the people,” said Brown.

“It’s I passed by your house the other day but y’all didn’t wave,” said Langford. “I said those are my porch people. They can’t wave. They’re not real.”

“When they find out, figure out, that they’re not real, then they want to take pictures,” said Brown.

“What really makes me happy is when the people come by and enjoy the work that I do and they always just love to see my porch people,” said Langford.
“That gives me inspiration to keep making them to make them happy.”

“It kind of reminds me of just good old people like long years back. You see old people sitting out on the porch rocking,” added Brown.

Priscilla’s porch people serve as a reminder of days gone by and a great American tradition.


The Langford home is located just off Silver Bluff Road in Petticoat Junction at 310 Shady Rest Road.

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