People & Places with Pierce: Swainsboro Museum of Coca-Cola Advertisement Preview

One Swainsboro man has been a Coca-Cola collector for 35 years.

Michael Bright, creator of the Swainsboro Museum of Coca-Cola Advertisement says: “Well welcome to the Swainsboro Museum of Coca-Cola Advertisement.”

Lynn Brinson, City of Swainsboro Director of Downtown Development, adds: “This is Michael’s private collection and there are some really neat things here, some very rare things.”

“It brings people in from all over,” explained Bright.

“We have billboards on the interstate and a lot of people like to come in,” added Brinson.

“I wanted something that we could put Swainsboro on the map,” said Bright.

“We’ve really been able to create a fantastic resource here in downtown Swainsboro,” said Brinson.

The story on how this museum transformed a small-town downtown is the next People & Places with Pierce. Catch it Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on FOX 54 News Now.

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