People & Places with Pierce: Sno-Cap Drive In

A drive through North Augusta brings you to a place that some may say is a relic of the past.

9-year-old Jack Kayea says: “It’s like old school.”

Joseph Conway of North Augusta adds: “It’s old fashioned.”

But the Sno-Cap Drive In still has a lot of kick.

“It’s a cool place,” said Kayea.

“They’re awesome,” agreed Conway.

Rachel Franklin, owner of the Sno-Cap Drive In adds: “Meet me at the Sno-Cap.”

That’s been the Sno-Cap’s iconic catch phrase since the 1960’s.

“This location has been here 54 years,” said Franklin. “A lot of people don’t realize it was a national chain.”

“It’s just the same as it’s always been,” said Conway.

“Some people think we just have ice cream,” remarked Franklin. “Some people think we have hot dogs and hamburgers, but we’ve always had a full menu. They ride by and they think it’s just a drive in. They don’t know we have a dining room. People love to come here for their birthdays, anniversaries. They met here. They dated here. They got engaged here. So, we hear stories all day long that are really fascinating.”

From the outside, not much has changed since the Sno-Cap opened up over 50 years ago. It’s all part of the charm. And speaking of charm, a visit from a certain famous someone lives in infamy.

“Taylor Swift did visit,” said Franklin. “I thought they were just coming to get a hamburger. Our server called and said a girl is here and wants to play the guitar, so we said sure. She was sitting on a bar stool at the end of the counter playing her songs. And when she finished she signed these pictures that everybody sees up here and says I’ll be back.”

That was back in 2006, just before Swift hit it big.

“It is probably the topic of conversation for about 60-percent of the people that come in,” explained Franklin.

While some anxiously await her “I’ll be back.”

“Well I would probably pass out,” said Conway, referring to if Swift were to visit again. “She’s one of my favorite singers.”

“There was a rumor that she was going to be here for a surprise for Jake Owens at his concert that got rained out and then when it was rescheduled she wasn’t able to make it.” explained Franklin. “That’s hard to believe.”

Most will keep coming for the people, the atmosphere, and a taste of home.

“They make the best chili dog in town,” added James Clanton of Augusta.

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