People & Places with Pierce: Sno-Cap Drive In Preview

A relic of the past is still going strong today.

“Meet me at the Sno-Cap,” said Rachel Franklin, owner of the Sno-Cap Drive In. “This location has been here 54 years. Some people think we just have ice cream. Some people think we have hot dogs and hamburgers. But we’ve always had a full menu. People love to come here for their birthdays, anniversaries. They met here. They dated here. They got engaged here. So, we hear stories all day long that are really fascinating.”

From the outside, not much has changed here since the place opened up over 50 years ago. It’s all part of the charm. And speaking of charm, a visit from a certain famous someone lives in infamy here at the Sno-Cap.

The Sno-Cap’s brush with fame Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on FOX 54 News Now.

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