The Final Word: Southern Swiss Dairy

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After weeks and weeks of rain, I was forewarned that Frank’s Farm and Southern Swiss Dairy in Waynesboro were a muddy mess. Even still, I made the rookie mistake of wearing my nice pair of tennis shoes out to the farm. I definitely know better!! I have no idea what I was thinking! Thankfully, Jimmy was gracious enough to bail me out with a pair of clear plastic disposable boot covers.

Jimmy and his wife, Ginny, seemed a little perplexed as to why I had come to their small family dairy farm with a camera. I’ve got to say, the fact that they make ice cream drew me in. On top of making great products, they also had a great story to tell, surviving the milk price decline and then a tornado to build a successful small dairy that is gaining traction across the state of Georgia. I’m hoping they’re happy with the finished product that went to air!

The investment the Franks made to start bottling and making products on their own is pretty remarkable. They bought most of the equipment needed to do that used and still spent a fortune on it (I won’t share the dollar amount, but I was shocked). But they have survived that and a run in with Mother Nature to continue living their dream: owning and running their own successful dairy farm. It was a story that was definitely easy to get behind.

My nice tennis shoes live on to tell another day (in fact I’m wearing them as I write this), and as far as the ice cream, well I stopped by the Pineland Bakery in Waynesboro and picked up a half pint of peach. The Franks remarked about how different their products taste because of the type of cows they raise (brown swiss). You can definitely taste it in the ice cream. It has a rich flavor that is unlike anything I’ve had before. I can now see why the restaurants that they deliver to in Atlanta and Savannah clamor for their heavy cream.

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