People & Places with Pierce: Southern Swiss Dairy Preview

Burke County is dairy country.

Jimmy Franks, owner of Southern Swiss Dairy in Waynesboro says: “Burke County is the second largest dairy county in the state.”

Whitney Keith of Southern Swiss Dairy adds: “We’re a small family dairy farm.”

“We were managing another farm and we wanted to get on our own and raise our family on a farm,” explained Franks.

“We offer a complete line of milk products as well as ice cream and beef,” said Kent.

“When the price dropped in 2009, we almost lost everything,” said Franks. “When March 18, 2013 hit, when the tornado got us and just about wiped us out again, then we started right back over again.”

“It definitely has its challenges in its own but I would hope to continue the dream,” said Kent.

How one family refused to give up on their dream in the next People & Places with Pierce. Wednesday at 10:00 pm on FOX 54 News Now.

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