The Final Word: Carolina Moon Distillery

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Before I stepped foot inside Carolina Moon Distillery in Edgefield, I had done a few stories on microbreweries and had toured several in my free time too. So, I was very familiar with the brewing process. I had never seen the process for distilling though. Chalk it off the bucket list!

I still have to chuckle that David Long and his business partners somewhat stumbled into the distilling business. I have to say, it is a genius idea and a perfect way to experience something a little bit different in the downtown Edgefield square. David says it is stressful, and I’m sure it is. But I’m sure he and his partners also have a blast doing what they do.

As far as the liquor, it is pretty darn good! I’m not much of a straight shooter when it comes to liquor, so getting the chance to taste a few was interesting. Martha was incredible navigating me through the different offerings Carolina Moon has. I had to laugh when she used descriptions like “no bite” and “smooth finish.” The several I tried were all plenty to knock me back! However, she had me try several mixed drinks as well. She had one that tasted just like apple pie. Delicious… and dangerous! You couldn’t even tell there was any alcohol in them, let alone that the liquor in them was 80+ proof! I forget the others she had me try and how to make all of them now of course, but that just means I need to go back for another tasting and to pick some up for myself!

Edgefield is a charming small town. There is a lot to do, including spending an hour or two at Carolina Moon Distillery.

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