People & Places with Pierce: Carolina Moon Distillery

David Long, vice president of operations and marketing at Carolina Moon Distillery says: “We’re different from anything else you’ve ever seen. I can promise you that.”

And they’re different from anywhere else in the square.

“We are a small batch distillery in Edgefield, South Carolina,” said Long.

How they got their start, you could say, is a little different too.

“Completely by accident,” explained Long. “My partners and I have always liked to look for new business ideas. 5 or 6 years ago is about when South Carolina hit the micro-distillery boom. We were the fourth in the state at the time. We started out in the moonshine business and now we have expanded into whiskeys.”

Martha MacDonald, the brand ambassador at Carolina Moon Distillery says: “Black Betty is what’s called a tank aged whiskey. It’s a very young whiskey but it has a nice flavor and a smooth finish. Ten G’s is our 100% corn vodka, distilled six times. May Lady Rum is unique to us. It is aged with charred peach wood so it has a very peachy aroma, peachy flavor to it.”

“People love it,” added Long. “I mean we’re a little bit in entertainment too.”

Speaking of entertaining, the names on some of these bottles certainly fit the bill. From the Ten G’s Vodka to the Rabbit Spit Moonshine, each one has its own unique story to tell.

“Rabbit Spit, it was named somewhat by accident,” recalled Long.

“During Prohibition, a judge said the liquor in Edgefield was mean enough to make a rabbit spit in a bulldog’s face,” continued MacDonald

“That is one of our popular items because of its story,” added Long. “Ten G’s Vodka is also a big seller because it was named after the ten governors of Edgefield.”

“I consider it my most dangerous beverage because it has no flavor, no fragrance, and no bite to it,” said MacDonald.

“We shortened it to Ten G’s because ten governors wouldn’t fit on a label,” explained Long. “We try to connect everything close to home. It’s very surprising how many people visit this town. They usually want something to take home to show this is from Edgefield, South Carolina.”

And what better way to do that then with a bottle of locally spirited spirits.

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