The Final Word: The Carpenter’s Stand

If you’re looking for the full story on The Carpenter’s Stand, click here.

Ike Carpenter is a character. There is no doubt. If you plan on making a stop at the Carpenter’s Stand in Edgefield, make sure you’ve got some time to spare! The man is loaded with stories and brain teasers too!

I spent a little over three hours on the shoot there, and I joke that he spent two hours and fifty minutes of that time talking to me. I am only kidding.

He is an extremely friendly guy, and it is pretty amazing to watch him pick up a piece of wood and imagine what he can make out of it. Speaking of making something out of it, it’s pretty incredible to watch him make his wooden creations all by hand. You won’t find any power tools at the Carpenter’s Stand. It definitely adds to the charm.

I did not bring anything back with me from the stand, but I do need to pick up a nice looking spoon as a memento to a man who is truly one of a kind. Edgefield is lucky to have him.

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