People & Places with Pierce: DooDooJuice

In a quiet Aiken County neighborhood, one woman wages war.

Jill Brown, Graniteville resident and creator of DooDooJuice says: “I don’t know. Just this idea of toilet odor spray came to me.”

Tony Brown, her husband, adds: “DooDooJuice is this nice fragrance that takes the smell away when you have to do the number two.”

“Nobody knows that this is the private life of Jill Brown,” said Jill Brown. “This is what I do. I have a day job. My quest became learning how to make toilet odor spray.”

“My wife is very passionate about this product,” said Tony Brown.

It’s a product that took a little experimenting to get just right.

“I did a good bit of research,” explained Jill Brown. “I tried some things. I tried some ingredients.”

“She had us one Christmas checking out all of these fragrances with our family,” said Tony Brown.

“They had no idea why they were smelling these sticks,” added Jill Brown.

“She’s put us all to work,” said Tony Brown. “Oh she’s had me mixing the chemicals, going to get my drill, sending me to Lowe’s. I’ve just been driving Mrs. Jill.”

“Finally one day I got it,” explained Jill Brown.

You may be tempted to think that Jill got the idea for DooDooJuice while she was taking care of some business on the old porcelain throne, but that’s where this story takes a bit of a turn.

“It really wasn’t my intent to be an ‘odor-preneur,'” explained Jill Brown. “It started as a Christmas gift but now people like it and they’re asking for more.”

“Well I just hope she remembers us when she does make it big,” said Tony Brown. “We enjoy it. It’s a big joke in our family but we have enjoyed it.”

“Just to see the expressions on peoples’ faces of you make toilet odor spray and then you didn’t even give it a pleasant name,” said Jill Brown. “You named it something like DooDooJuice. And so yes it’s hard for people to really take you seriously sometimes. I said I think they’re probably going to look at me in a whole different odd kind of way from now on. I like to say that DooDooJuice is making the world a better place one movement at a time.”

You may never think of your next trip to the bathroom the same way again.

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